What does a traveling web designer really need?

My recent purchase of the ultra portable iPad has made me have a real good think about the tools I need to do my job. Mobile technology continues to come along in leaps and bounds and it's getting to the point where I don't think I need the bulk and power I continually drag around with me.

Let me step back a little and explain where I am now. Daily web designer and developer who works at home in Brighton, in clients offices in London / Brighton and on the twice daily hour long train journey. I currently use a 17" macbook pro (2.4 ghz dual core, 192x1200, 4gb ram with 500gb HD), purchased almost 3 years ago (my first Mac).

My current machine is more than powerful enough for me, it rarely leaves me waiting for anything and I'm sure a good clean out would probably make things even faster. When I'm at home I plug it into a top end 24" Dell monitor and use a Bluetooth KB and a Magic Trackpad, essentially it's pure desktop mode at home.

So given that my MBP is on it's last legs' should I be thinking about getting an MacBook Air? I have to admit taking my inspiration from Andy Clarke : http://www.stuffandnonsense.co.uk/blog/about/from_air_to_eternity/

I don't need to do any heavy lifting with the processor, probably the hardest thing I do is HD video editing, but that's just things in iMovie, not Final Cut. I've got Steam for Mac but other than the occasional boot up of Counter Strike I never touch it.

The most important element is that a fully specced MBA with a. 256GB drive and a 27 inch cinema display is the same cost as a fully specced 17"MBP.

I think I'll get getting those to go with my iPad in the next few months - looking forward to having an easier tide with my back!