The Tall Designer has joined The South Coast Design Forum

Just the other day. You can find my details listed on the membership pages. I've attended quite a few SCDF events over the last 18 months and I've been tempted to join a number of times but haven't ever felt enough justification, however with my new surge of networking and exposure I decided that the £40 yearly fee was small enough and the discount on even tickets was large enough.

I'm hoping to attend the February meet up, which I believe is on the first Wednesday of the month. I can't find the even on their website however so maybe I should volunteer to help!

Oh no my mistake - it's hidden in some low contrast text on the right of the events page, my usability opinions kick in to say if it's going to be listed there, it should also be mixed into the date ordered list of special events on the left of that page...

Brighton First Wednesday of the month at the Sussex Yeoman 7 Guildford Road BN1 3LU near Brighton Station 6.00pm

Anyway I shall be attending, complete with business cards and a lack of networking skills. I hope to meet some nice people!