Co-Working spaces in Brighton

I recently moved house. Most things about the move were brilliant, my daughter got her own room, we gained a larger bathroom and Kitchen. However we also lost a bedroom which meant that my spacious and pretty well kitted out home office has had to be moved into our bedroom. This, any number of people will tell you is a bad thing. I love my wife and daughter very much but neither of them make ideal work mates when I'm trying to solve a tricky coding problem or I'm trying to find the best way of presenting 20 different information points on a complicated design draft. Because of this I've decided to start looking for a co-working space in Brighton that I can use in a flexible way around my family commitments.

So far I've looked in detail at three that are close enough to my house:

I'm favouring The Skiff but I think that might just be because I know of them more than I know of the others.

Anyway - I'm going to give them all a once over and see if I can actually work there for a day. All I need for a successful day is a solid internet connection and a comfy desk and they probably all have that. I'm most excited however about the opportunities for networking as I'm embarrassingly bad at getting out there and meeting local people in the industry, mainly because I worked in London for so long!

Wish me luck.