The Pomodoro Technique

A short blog this week, but I am trying to force myself to write more so instead of just clicking "complete" and not actually posting - I'll tell you quickly about Pomodoro Technique (PT) for concentrating your time and getting better at planning. I'm terrible at staying focussed - I don't seem to be able to fix the problem so instead I use tools to help me better deal with it. The best tool I have come across is Getting Things Done by David Allen, you all already know and practice good GTD though right? The PT however is a simple mind trick you can learn in a day, that helps you really focus on the actual things you need to get done. You don't need any shiny software, all you need is a kitchen timer (or other timing device) and a pen and paper. I use an app I got from the App Store, but you really could use anything.

At it's heart, PD divides your day into 25 minute work sessions and 5 minute break periods, along with larger breaks throughout the day (and lunch ofc!) concentrating, uninterrupted on a given task for that entire 25 minutes and being very strict about keeping distraction clear from your minds eye view.

The PT has genuinely helped me map my days out better, and to be realistic about what I can and can't get done in a given time, try it out, at most you have 25 minutes to lose :)