The Tall Designer and Charlee Says Offer New Discount for Vegetarian Society Members

Member of the Vegetarian Society? Get 10% off all our web design, social media and content writing services

We've never been partial to keeping our mouths shut about something we believe in, so you've probably seen our often passionate and sometimes inflammatory tweets and Facebook updates about vegetarianism. Now we've decided to put our money where our big mouth is, which means that all fellow members of the Vegetarian Society get a cruelty-free 10% off our services, which include web design, web copywriting, content writing services and brand development. Just tell us your Vegetarian Society number when you make an enquiry and we'll sort out the discount (and high five you for saving the animals and their little faces).

Miles' web design services got a mention in last month's issue of the Vegetarian Society magazine, and Charlee's writing services will be in this month's, so keep an eye out for her if you're a subscriber.

Not a Veggie Yet?

Never fear. You can still get a high five from us: why not start with Meat Free Monday and make one change that will benefit your health and the environment?