I'm currently working on a site with, wait for it, 30% IE6 users.

This sort of thing takes your breath away if you're a developer on the web of any type, IE6, released by Microsoft many, many years ago (August 2001, so almost 11). You could have a quick google around to see why IE6 is terrible but I'd save time if I were you, it's the web browser equivalent of Comic Sans hated by designers, transparent to users.

We stopped supporting IE6 a year or so ago when the average percentage of users dropped to around 1-2%. Our sites would still work very well, but certain graphical niceties and special effects would be non functional.

The point of this post, if there is one, is that we always, always focus on our users, it doesn't matter if it's harder, less fashionable, if there's less opportunity to use "cool toys" or add shiny transitions between pages. Industry awards might not often go to "who has the best IE6 support?" but if there are this many users on a platform 11 years old, we'll deliver them the very best experience we can.