Refusing to work on a shop that sells Foie Gras

It's not much of a blog post but I think the ethical side of business is often ignored or pushed to the side in favour of the shiniest new toys. Recently I was asked to do some work on a shopify store, a German site I won't mention. I could do the work, the money was good and I was available at the time - why did I turn it down? Because they sold foie gras. I do not believe this product should be available for sale under any circumstances and I'm not prepared to help it be sold in any way.

As a passionate vegetarian, there are plenty of products I don't think should be sold - frankly all meat. However, I realise thats the world we (currently) live in - we don't need to live in a world with fois gras. It's a small stand, but still a stand.

After all, without your principles, what are you?