How to clean up all the apps in iTunes that you no longer have installed on your iPhone or iPad.

This has annoyed me for a while now - I have maybe a hundred apps installed on my iPhone and on my iPad. Some of those apps are installed on both. Some have different versions on both. Some apps that appear in my iTunes aren't installed on either. Short of going throughout all the installed apps by hand - how can you tell which apps are in iTunes, but not installed so I can save

  • Space
  • Time & bandwidth downloading updates
  • Mind space

Easily, it turns out.

  1. Have a good look at each app installed on your device. If you haven't used it in the last month, delete it.
  2. Sync and back up all the devices you have.
  3. Open iTunes, go to apps, hit Ctrl-A to select all apps, right click, delete, yes send to trash.
  4. Right click each device under 'Devices' & select sync
  5. When prompted say "Yes, I would like to transfer purchases over to my Mac".
  6. Wait until the sync has completed and repeat for each device.
  7. Enjoy a shiny clean apps folder in iTunes that has all the apps in it you need and not one more.

Any apps you have downloaded, free or otherwise are available to re download from iTunes at no cost.