yes, yes I do charge for that

Can I make those changes? No problem, I can do that for you.

Will I charge for that? Yes, Yes I’ll charge for that.

No, no I don’t do discounts. I don’t do mates rates, bulk buys, cash reductions, charity reductions. I’m not negotiable on my payment terms. You can’t pay me late, you can’t pay me in instalments. I won’t do it for less on the promise of more work in the future, I won’t do it because it’s a great portfolio piece.

If I need to do some work, I need to send you a bill. Asking me if I’ll charge for that says you’ve missed an important part of this business relationship we’ve entered in to - that it’s a business.

Sure, I’ll answer a 60 second email for you, have a quick chat on the phone with you - but I won’t email you a 500 word recommendation on your social media strategy or walk you through the interface over the phone when you should have been listening the first time round.

I work to pay my mortgage, to provide for my children, to pay for the software and the hardware I need to keep working, for the insurance I need to pay, for the taxes I need to pay, for the accountant I need to pay, for the training I need to take and for the books I need to read.

Yes, I do charge for that.

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from San Francisco Creative Mornings on Vimeo.