Leaving social media - 7 weeks later.

Whilst aimlessly musing yesterday I realised that social media had totally fallen out of my consciousness. I no longer thought about either FB or TW, I no longer think in status updates, I don't see something and immediately note it as an interesting thing to add to my stream.

Concrete changes to my life:
* I spend more time in direct meaningful communication with my real friends. Letters, 500 word emails, texts. One to one, not the broadcasts of social media.
* I take less pictures.
* I have more time for everything but more tellingly -
* I can concentrate on things for much longer periods. We're still only talking 20 minutes but that's better than the 30 seconds I could do before.
* I'm not conscious of any gap in my life.

All in - I can recommend it, I'm genuinely happier. And I still get invited to parties.