Mr Reader to Omnifocus using URL Scheme & other RSS news consumption tips.

Mr Reader is my RSS reader of choice. Having dramatically reduced my consumption of social media and sworn off the 24 hour news fix, RSS is my go to place for most information. Instead of  reading the latest depressing disaster, I read long form considered comment by subscribing to The New Yorker, instead of wading through board game review sites I subscribe to Board Game Geek News.

Looking at an article in Mr Reader leaves me with a choice of:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Read it now
  3. Send it to my wife
  4. Send it to Pocket to read later
  5. Send it to Omnifocus to action later

1,2 & 4 are covered using the impressively vast list of built in services, for 3&5 I've created some bespoke services to fit my needs.

Emailing my wife is easy, I added an extra optional recipient inside the email service window, now when I hit the share button, I can select my wife with one click, she gets the title of the article in the title of the email and the link to the article in the body of the email.

For sending to Omnifocus, something not built into the system, I built a small URL Scheme template that adds the article to omnifocus with a task title of the article title and a link to the article in the notes section of the task. This is perfect for me as it's enough to jog my memory during an inbox review session.

To do something similar, open Mr Reader, hit the options cog, select services, scroll down to Add, choose "Other App", then  "Add Other App", type in Omnifocus for the app name (or anything you like) "omnifocus:" for the protocol and:


For the URL scheme template.

You can fiddle around with this if you like, there are way more things you can effect inside OF using URLSchemes, this one suits me - hope it suits you.