On a train, writing a blog

I hit Facebook as well beat that. I'm working up in London at the moment on a 4-5 week contract for a big marketing firm. They deal wuth the end of year reports for a lot of very big companies (trust me you'd have heard of them) and my job, along with a few others, is to make sure the reports go from PDF to web without hitch.

Each report is around 170 pages with many, MANY tables and diagrams. we're working flat out and have 12 to do in a month.

I know this is heresy but I have never been more pleased to see the layout view in Dreamweaver in my life. Of course I don't use that view in DW any more, haven't done for 6 years and I've been doing this job 8. But what I'm dealing with is half formed HTML spat out by an XML to HTML via Print black box thingumy bob, and although it's better than doing it by hand the code is shoddy tosay the least, missing , table cells, rows, colgroups, headings,all sorts of things. I used Coda for the first week, things went well but a little too slow for the clients liking.... so out came old faithful :) The split code/design view is tremendously good fun to use for this.

Also I have been using a shiny new Imac 22" for this job and have become slighly enamoured with it. The only reason I got a Dell rather than a MacBook pro but as this contracting business is quite lucrative I might push the boat out and upgrade, the GF can buy this one and I might drop £2K on a new machine, hmm. Pricey. Questions to come.....