Bloody Macs (OK I might buy one)

(previously posted to Boag world, thought I'd drop it up here as well)

Right despite the frankly incredible price of a mac book pro - I have been using a new imac for the past week on a contract up in London and I have been presuaded that it might be a good idea for me to use one considering y line of work...

now before I drop £2K on a new machine there's a few questions I have that I need to confirm before I make the drop in the next few months.

Files: I have a home server that sits on my network with all of my music, video, documents etc. I use my current Vista laptop's sysnc function so that certain network folders are always available offline, when I get back and log on the network everything syncs together seemlessly. Can I still do this easily on the Mac and just have it as a fire & forget process that just happens every time I hit my own network?

3G - I have a 3G Tmobile modem - any issues with these sort of things?

Phone - My Sony Ericsson mobile syncs to the laptop over bluetooth automatically every time I lift the lid. It syncs contacts, to-do and callendar entries from one to the other with no issues at all - can I do this without having to think about it too much on a Mac?

Email - I'm on Office 2007 at the moment with Outlook 2007 as my Mail client, it handles all of my contacts, emails, calendar functions, and, importantly, my Hotmail account (handles it as a folder just like my POP accounts). How does the Mac handle that sort of thing - well?

Transferring emails in my current Outlook?

Keyboards - can you remap them so the right buttons are in the right place rather than this crazy American way?

Now there are a few reasons why I am thinking of shifting so maybe you could give me some advice on these.

1: I am fed up tinkering with software - really I'm too old and busy to be wondering why the bluetooth has suddenly stopped working and I need to restart, or why network folders of images have suddenly stopped showing thumbnails so I have to open each one individually.

2: Speed - I accidentally opened 14 10MP images in fireworks last night, it took over 2 minutes for the laptop to recover (2Ghz, dual core). What would a Mac do?

3: Weight - the current machine is nicknamed 'The Beast' for a good reason, it's not bad at all but I could probably build a house out of them.

4. sleep - wake time. Vista does a real good job to be honest of me just shutting the lid and then openng it 10 hours later, I find myself doing it 10 times a day with trains etc. so occasionally I have problems, does the Mac stand up to this sort of abuse?

Thanks for all your help guys - I know there are answers tot hese things elsewhere - but you lot are all web peoples so your pretty much sitting in the same boat as me :)