v0.3 of HTML5 Boilerplate for Shopify theme has been released. Blog templates updated.

Which is nice, quite surprised I have managed to do so much on it already. This release covered the reworking of the blog.liquid and the article.liquid, which is the blog front page and blog story pages respectively. I spent a long time trying to make sure that the <time> elements had the correct date time attributes in them, pretty sure they're right but I'd appreciate any feedback.

I also spent quite a lot of time struggling with the nesting of article, heading and section on article.liquid. I settled for something that looks like this:

<article> <header> <h1></h1> <p>Posted by <span rel="author">Miles Cheverton</span> on <time datetime="2011-09-01T13:52:32EDT" pubdate>Thursday, September 01</time></p> </header> <section id ="article_content"> <h1 hidden>Article content</h1> <p>article content</p> </section> <section id="comments"> <h1>Comments</h1> <dl> <dt><span rel="author">Author Name</span> said on <time datetime="2011-09-01T13:52:32EDT" pubdate></time></dt> <dd><p>comment comment comment</p></dd> </dl> </section> <section id="comment_form"> <h1>Add your comments</h1> <form method='post' action='/blogs/news/3944982-first-post/comments' id='article-3944982-comment-form' class='comment-form'> <label for="comment_author">Name</label> <input type="text" id="comment_author" name="comment[author]" size="40" value="" class="" /> <label for="comment_email">Email</label> <input type="text" id="comment_email" name="comment[email]" size="40" value="" class="" /> <label for="comment_body">Comment</label> <textarea id="comment_body" name="comment[body]" cols="40" rows="5" class=""></textarea> <input type="submit" value="Post comment" id="comment_submit" /> </form> </section> </article>