Most hairdressers have rubbish haircuts

I think it's one of those natural laws. They spend all that time crafting awesome hair cuts for people that when it comes to their own they either procrastinate so much they look like an extra from The Mighty Boosh, or they have a self applied buzz cut and look like a skin head. The same applies to web designers portfolios - having procrastinated for so long that I have the web version of Noel Fielding's haircut, yesterday I gave myself a digital buzz cut, threw out the old design, and put up some text, slightly prettified with some nice fonts from TypeKit. I had half an hour to kill whilst waiting around at WP-Brighton (great conference BTW), so I deleted the site, kept the blog, got @CharleeSays to write me some nifty new copy and I'm away.

Good points

  • No more dead links
  • Latest portfolio pieces are on there

Bad Points

  • No more graphics
  • None of the extra features I have been musing about for years
  • Portfolio looks smaller, as I have taken older sites off

All in all - I'm pleased, at the very least it will motivate me to take some time out of my paid client work to work on my own site. Difficult as I don't get paid to do my own.

I'll be moving the entire site to be WordPress based in the next few weeks, integrating this blog ( the /blog/ part ) in tot he root of the site and using WP as a CMS.

Hope you like it.