Is a great service hobbled by the fear of piracy.

I've been subscriber for about 3 years now. It's a brilliant tutorial service for all sorts of technical and creative subjects. The courses are fully featured, well shot and voiced, presented by people who really know their stuff. As we move into a world with more and more mobile access however it seems their service is struggling to keep up. I recently tried out the Khan Academy app which allows you to pre load videos onto your tablet or phone so that when you're in poor signal areas (say on the train or away on holiday) you can continue to watch all the courses you've marked and interact in just the same way as you would at home with a high quality line.

Lynda - please update your poor mobile services. I pay good money, willingly to access your materials and think it's worth every penny but I, and many other travellers who would like to make good use of our travel time, can't because we have no access to high speed mobile broadband.

My specific case involves travelling between London and Brighton every day (1:20) by train - I have two 3G connections with me, from 3 and Vodafone, neither of them give me a connection I can use for anything but text web surfing and emails.