Digital publishing, proprietary formats & the move to ubiquitous open technologies for Games Workshop & their electronic rulebooks (Codexes)

As part of a personal life / work life cross over I've recently started examining Games Workshop's digital strategy. They have just started to publish their army books (called 'Codexes') in Apple's proprietary iBook format (an expanded version of ePub), available only on the iTunes store. I can certainly understand why they're doing so - they are a predominantly offline company, if I didn't have a massive forward thinking IT team, I'd do the same. Hell, several major publishers who *do* have massive IT teams are doing the same.

The post is Why haven’t Games Workshop published their digital Codexes on Android as well as IOS/Ipad? and I'd appreciate your thoughts.

I am intending to either present a case study on how GW could profit long terms and bring more users into the system by adopting a HTML based secure subscription model or build an actual working example of how the system could flexible adapt to different user devices.