I'm half way through reading War Of Art & I've deleted my twitter account for a week as an experiment.

Firstly, go buy a copy of the book, I picked up the epub version for $9.99 which I think is about £6.50 in real money. I'm not sure how I had it recommended, I believe through one of the many productivity blogs I keep tabs on. I'm half way through and I think I've identified my go to destination every time I encounter any Resistance - Twitter.

It's so easy to click; it's always there, on my phone, on my pad, on my laptop. My wife, @charleesays - is a frenetic twitterer, so to keep up with some of her news, I tell myself, I need to check in. All the important web developers, I tell myself, are there, if I don't read Twitter I'll get left behind!

This - is resistance - I think. My wife, well I see her everyday, if something is important I'm pretty sure she'll tell me.

Important web stuff really does happen on Twitter, but to be honest the vast majority is banal tweets about going to the pub, family life and what tablet they just bought - nice if you know them, boring if you don't.

I've set a reminder in OmniFocus for a weeks time to check in on Twitter - maybe in a week I'll miss it, maybe I'll never go back.

Oh a small aside, to make sure I resist temptation, I poked some hidden files inside my mac so Twitter can't even run through a web browser - 30 seconds to change it back but that's 30 seconds to remember what I said here and change my mind.